Bringing Teeth Front and Center: Why Oral Hygiene is So Important

Fact: 75% of parents report that their children forget to brush their teeth from time to time.

Fact: 51 million school hours are lost annually due to kids with dental related illnesses.

Bringing-Teeth-Front-and-CenterWhen you combine these two facts, you would think that it is easy for the professional dental community to explain to kids and parents why oral hygiene is so important. Yet, we still have a long way to go when it comes to getting this message across properly!

Although the teeth are, without a doubt, part of the body, they have perhaps not been given the respect that they deserve during the childhood years.


It is understandable that, in times past, when a child was young, it seemed pointless to take care of their “baby” teeth, as they were going to fall out anyway.

>>Yet we now know that it is essential to take care of so-called baby teeth and even the gums before teeth erupt to ensure a life of good oral health.


As parents, we have all had those mornings and nights where asking our child to brush his or her teeth turned into a battle at best, and a tantrum at worst! So, understandably, we frequently backed down or even “forgot” to make them do it. >>But those moments of “forgetfulness” add up very quickly at this age and can cause decay that turns into cavities, abscesses and root damage in the near future.


If you are lucky, your teen will be more than willing to keep up on proper tooth brushing habits out of fear of teasing and other uncomfortable social situations. However this is not true for all teens.

>>This is the age where oral hygiene is even more important, catching any cavities before they turn into bigger problems. Also, if your teen has braces, they need extra care to keep the mouth in tiptop shape!

So please help us spread the word! Teeth are not a part of the body that can be ignored – they are the window to your body and overall health. The earlier that you set those good oral hygiene habits, the better oral health results you will see as your child grows up!